Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use COSMA?

COSMA therapy has been designed specifically for people with Dementia.  If you or a loved one is displaying any signs of Dementia, then COSMA can help.  We do advise you to seek medical advice on whether you have Dementia and at what stage.

COSMA is designed to be a therapy for early to mid-stages of Dementia, and offers psychological comfort and an improved quality of life for people with moderate to later stages of dementia.

How long should I use COSMA to see any benefits?

We recommend you use COSMA at least 3 days a week for 30 min least. It is important to use COSMA regularly for a smaller duration than to use irregularly or rarely for a longer duration. The brain needs a longer time to re-wire its functionalities and we suggest you use COSMA regularly as suggested for a minimum of 3 months to see any benefits.

Why do I need a tablet?

The tablet we include with every subscription has been configured specifically to run the COSMA therapy for improved user experience.  Using the tablet will enable you to maximise the benefits you receive from our ground-breaking therapy.

The tablet is customised for dementia patients and is a tool for COSMA future products to be installed for individualised dementia therapy.

Though the tablet is customised, it can download other apps as a normal tablet.

Full Specification Here

What is COSMA Report and why it is useful?

Every user of COSMA therapy will receive regular, cognition-based reports. These reports will allow you to see your progress with the different aspects of the therapy and track the progression of the disease.  You can even share these reports to health professionals to seek guidance. However, in 2021 COSMA will be a Class IIB medical device so that the therapy reports are clinically validated to share with GPs/Health professionals so they can make more informed choices about other treatment pathways.

Why is the cancellation locked for the first three months?

COSMA is scientific based therapy for people with dementia. It is important to have minimum period of three months to stimulate your brain with COSMA to see any changes or impact on a dementia patient. We want our customers to get the maximum benefit from COSMA. So the canacellation is locked for mimimum 3 months before you can cancel the subscription. Please refer to Terms of Sale for more details on the cancellation.

What languages does COSMA support?

COSMA is a multilingual therapy and supports a variety of languages including:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian

Is COSMA suitable for different types of Dementia?

Yes, COSMA is suitable for the most prevalent types of dementia including Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia. However, COSMA is designed focusing on the general symptoms of dementia which makes it suitable for other types of dementia-like Frontotemporal, Mixed Dementia etc.

How to use COSMA?

COSMA has been built be as user friendly as possible. We have made it very easy to not only use this therapy but also to upload your images and songs. Click below to access our beginners guide. There is a complete step-by-step guide in your profile section once you have signed up

Beginners Guide Here

What is the Individualised Report in the COSMA Enhanced Subscription?

There is also a COSMA Individualised report if you are a COSMA Enhanced Subscriber. This report is provided to you every 4 months to understand the user’s psychological condition and offer advice on how to improve the user’s condition. This report aims at sparing both the user suffering from dementia and their family the psychological trauma by providing them better guidance on how to cope with their situation.

Will COSMA be updated?

COSMA is a continuously evolving therapy and new enhancements, games, features, and additional brainwave measuring headsets for individualised therapy are already in the pipeline.  This will ensure that COSMA remains effective in light of new technology and research, much of it supported by our own data.

How secure is it for me to upload my personal pictures and information?

Your personal and sensitive personal pictures and private life event details uploaded on the upload website are securely stored in an encrypted online storage database accessed by BrainBerry Ltd. This information will not be shared with any-other third parties or internally except for few restricted access.

Do you provide technical support?

We have a dedicated support department who can help you with any technical issues surrounding the tablet or the COSMA therapy software. The support team can be contacted on the Support email or Contact Us page. However, we do not provide support for other software’s or setting issues within the Tablet.

We provide 1-year limited warranty on the tablet purchased and please visit BrainBerry Terms and Conditions for further assistance.

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If you have any other questions about how COSMA can help you, a loved one or your patients please get in touch here.


To celebrate COSMA’s launch, we are offering the first 100 users a SPECIAL PRICING on our therapy packages.  This is on a first come first served basis, so be quick to sign up and receive the COSMA package.