Cosma - For dementia Care and Research

COSMA for Care Organisations

COSMA, a personalised and digital dementia therapy, has been developed to assist care providers in delivering additional services to the people they care for. By offering COSMA to the people you care for; you can help them to tackle Dementia by further improving their standard of living, aid them in mental well-being and provide additional peace of mind to their family and loved ones and improve the standard of your care-service with innovative solutions for better care.


COSMA for Dementia Research

COSMA, is the first dementia application to go through intense and continuous clinical studies with dementia patients. COSMA is designed with an aim to become a medical device with FDA approval and can be used for cogntive, emotional and behavioural research of dementia patients by research communties, carehomes and universities. COSMA is provided at a discount offer from £11/user with rental tablets for dementia research activities. 

Support your carers today

Enrich their quality of life by enhancing their cognitive, emotional and spiritual well-being

Carers Well-being

The stress, anxiety and mental well-being of Carers who deal with dementia patients are least looked at and COSMA focuses on Carers mental well-being. With COSMA proven to improve the positive mood of the dementia patients, carers can be protected from violent or abrupt behaviour of the user.

Integrated Health Data

​COSMA provides integrated health data which can be shared, with permission, with all stakeholders including medical professionals such as GP’s, specialist nurses and family members. The data is captured through continuous monitoring by the therapy can help provide essential information on implementing effective care.

Quality of Care

​COSMA with daily monitoring helps the carer get an opportunity to understand each dementia patients’ emotional mindset and their behaviours from time to time. This aids them to provide the users with customised care time to time that could be much more effective rather than a standard care provided all the time.

Easier Care Management

COSMA helps the carer to understand the clients much better based on monitoring their behavioural activities continuously which will help them to plan the day of the dementia patient accordingly and also reduce their report writing time and will lead to effective care management in a cost-effective method.

COSMA helps you to increase your business activities

Dementia Management made easy with COSMA

Save Time

COSMA can aid your clients in maintaining their cognitive functions for longer, negating the need to explain each time you visit. with the personalisation aspect your dedicated care givers can even become part of the therapy. This reduction in confusion can allow the care provision to go much more smoothly.

Save Money

By managing the care process, arrangement of reminiscence session and auto-generated reports from COSMA, carers time in attending a person reduces drastically providing a saving to the care organisation. Through COSMA you can provide your clients and their loved ones with better communication, better feedback from the COSMA reports and better peace of mind and reduce your cost.

Improve CQC Rating

COSMA with its unique reporting capabilities has the potential to aid you in achieving ‘Outstanding’ for your CQQ audit.  With access to unique information regarding your clients you can adapt easily to further meet their needs and alleviate or avoid entirely potential issues due to a decline in either mental or physical capability.


Boost your Business

COSMA provides group reports on how your clients are managing and behaving. This information allows you to adapt care plans and environments as needed to continue to provide a leading care service which will increase your client base. COSMA allows you to offer your clients an additional service, which you may wish to charge for. 

Research Focus of COSMA

COSMA can be used for research studies with people living with dementia. COSMA can be used to measure the following measurements.

Our trial results have shown a positive psychological impact. People living with dementia have shown a significant decrease in negative emotions and an increased positive impact after playing the COSMA Software
We are continuously under clinical validation and research to establish a cognitive score based on the different functions of the brain. We are looking different functional aspects of the brain including brain speed, pattern recognition, long term and short memory providing a cognitive score which can be used by the user or carer to track their brain capabilities and improvement in different areas & functions of the brain with the use of COSMA software.

The positive impact of COSMA in behaviour, in dementia will be investigated in a Care Home setting. Observational and survey studies will assess the improvement in daily life activities while engaging in playing the games on a daily basis.

Quality of Life
The positive impact in quality of life, will be assessed in dementia while patients play the COSMA games in a clinical study. Based on the results of previous trials the study is expected to yield yet another positive outcome.