BrainBerry is inviting people living with dementia to participate in a community-based trial. The benefit of this community-based trial is to help you understand your current cognitive, emotional and behavioural status and to see if there will be any improvement in 3 months’ time with the continuous use of the COSMA App.

The community based experiment at home will be a fun and different experience for people with dementia and an opportunity to meet a broader community around the world to share their general experiences and COSMA experiences; where their social and emotional capability can be well improved along with other cognitive executive functions of the brain.

Total cost to be involved in the experiment: $82 or £60. Full training will be provided from the installation of the app, to play the app and final analysis of your cognitive and psychological report for free.

To know more, click the link here for more information. If you are interested in the participation please fill the form and one of our team members will contact on the next step of the trial.