Dementia is a progressive disease and efforts to tackle and combat it also need to be progressive.

BrainBerry, the brains behind the COSMA Dementia Therapy app, are looking for Admiral Nurses and other professionals with an interest in helping people with Dementia.

The COSMA therapy, whose aim is to aid people with Dementia live longer and better-quality lives needs the experienced input that only those who work closely with Dementia patients can provide.

BrainBerry, is simply asking for Admiral Nurses, doctors, carers, and others with a vested interest in Dementia to download the FREE COSMA Demo App and provide meaningful feedback.  COSMA is an evolving therapy and it needs your help to evolve into the Therapy that can provide the most help to people with Dementia, their loved ones and those who help fight against the causes of Dementia.

Get in touch today to be an even greater part in the fight back against Dementia, email to request your  full premium version of COSMA for FREE and help shape the future of Dementia therapy today.

Email and help more people with Dementia live better.

If you are interested in seeing how COSMA can help Care homes and other commercial organisations, then get in touch to discuss our 3-month premium free trial.  Email more information.