Initiate emotional and cognitive well-being in dementia with COSMA

Unique personalised gamification App which Stimulates and Continuously Monitors your brain.

300.00 / month. No contract and cancel anytime.

Personalised Gamification App

10 different modules with over 36 games and activities that allows for personal images, photographs, songs and more to be uploaded to make the games more interactive and aid brain stimulation addressing Alzheimer’s & Vascular Dementia symptoms

Cognitive Scores

COSMA measures the ability of your brain tasks, emotional and behavioural activities via scientific-based parameters and provides Cognitive scores. The scores will help people and carers understand their progression and help them tackle life realities on time.

Clinical Studies Supported

COSMA has been developed with leading experts and multiple clinical research projects that are still ongoing. First dementia application to go through intense clinical studies.

Continuous Monitoring

Using machine learning COSMA utilises feedback scores to monitor cognitive and behavioural activities of people living with dementia which will help both user and carer to meet the specific needs of the user and maximise the potential positive outcomes and better care.


Its not an app – Its a Therapy


Who should use COSMA?

COSMA is designed to be a therapy for early to mid-stages of Dementia and offers psychological comfort and improved quality of life for people with moderate to later stages of dementia.

Is COSMA suitable for different types of Dementia?

COSMA is suitable for Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia. However, COSMA is designed focusing on the general symptoms of dementia which makes it suitable for other types of dementia-like Frontotemporal, Mixed Dementia, etc.

How COSMA helps carer?

COSMA is provided with a tablet to measure standardised cognitive scores that GPs can use for better treatment plans for patients and also for COSMA future products to be installed i.e, diagnostic tool or headset for individualised dementia therapy.

How long should I use COSMA to see any benefits?

COSMA needs to be used at least 3 days a week for 30 min regularly. The brain needs a longer time to re-wire its functionalities and we suggest you use COSMA regularly as suggested for a minimum of 3 months to see any benefits.